MORMO (MOIAMO): Mein Moskau / My Moscow / Moia Mockba

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MORMO (MOIAMO): Mein Moskau / My Moscow / Moia Mockba
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Category: Photography
Author Esefeld J., Neroslavsy S.
Publication date 2011
ISBN 9783980988759

This collection is the continuation of the series which began with "MYNY" in 2008. The series provides primers on life in international metropolitan centres. The volume focuses on 44 photographs taken by the Stuttgart architect and urban planner Joerg Esefeld between 1987 and 1988 and 53 photographs taken by the Moscow photographer and graphic artist, Sascho Neroslavsky, between 2003 to 2009. Joerg Esefeld captures scenes from the transitional period of Glasnost and Perestroilka. His photographs document solitary architectural structures in the urban fabric of the crumbling Soviet capital. Sascho Neroslaysky's photographs foreground the erosion of architectural scale. In his photographs, the large scale proclamations of the new consumerism have ousted the appeal of socialism. Here the traditional architecture is sometimes obscured beyond recognition. Inspired by the collection of photographs, a diverse set of authors have written personal stories from their everyday life experiences. They depict scenes which have left an impression on them and which manifest the uniqueness of life in Moscow. This title features 59 texts, sketches and drawings by different authors (artists, musicians, architects, politicians and photographers).

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