Fashion Body Cult/Mode Korper Kult

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Fashion Body Cult/Mode Korper Kult
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Category: History of Art & Culture
Author Bippus E., Mink D.
Publisher Arnoldsche Art Publishers
ISBN 9783897902640

Bilingual Edition
The publication fashion body cult boldly ventures on an interdisciplinary approach that views fashion from many different angles, at once revealing its diversity and making it accessible. This book views fashion as communication between voices coming from very different directions. Artists, designers and journalists are heard here and so are academics specialising in art history and the history of costume, cultural history and theatre and, finally, the sociology of communications.

A highly unusual take on fashion as viewed from all sorts of different angles. First-class writers ensure exhilarating reading. The book is lavishly illustrated, presenting, for example, the newest Bernhard Willhelm collection (photographs: Daniel Mayer).

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