Black Sabbath's Master of Reality (33 1/3)

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Black Sabbath's Master of Reality (33 1/3)
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Category: Music. Film, Video & Theater
Author Darnielle J.
Publisher Bloomsbury
Publication date 2013
ISBN 9780826428998

Black Sabbath's Master of Reality has maintained remarkable historical status over several generations; it's a touchstone for the directionless, and common coin for young men and women who've felt excluded from the broader cultural economy. John Darnielle hears it through the ears of Roger Painter, a young adult locked in a southern California adolescent psychiatric center in 1985; deprived of his Walkman and hungry for comfort, he explains Black Sabbath as one might describe air to a fish, or love to an android, hoping to convince his captors to give him back his tapes.

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