Riga. Journey Through the Centuries. St. Peter's Church

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Riga. Journey Through the Centuries. St. Peter's Church
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Category: Tourism. Guides. Maps
Publisher Madris
Publication date 2014
ISBN 9789984312439

St. Peter’s Church, the most stately of Capital Riga’s Middle Age edifices, bears historic testimony documented as far back as 1209. Enduring the changeover of owner and creed, destroyed and resurrected time after time, it now shines in full splendor. Enveloped in tales and legends, St. Peter’s Church, nowadays, showcases cultural activities, while in itself being the platform from which is viewed a historic Riga, with remarkable buildings that have more recently been raised. ???This book unveils the church’s history; discloses its present day status; while describing all that can be seen from atop of its viewing platform. Included are historic and archive sources, maps and a myriad of photographs. ?Text by Jānis Brūderis.

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