Time to cook

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Time to cook
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Category: Cooking, Food & Wine
Author Meirāne S.
Publisher Amsmedia
Publication date 2015
ISBN 2000002947448

Signe Meirāne could talk about food and anything having to do with food all time. Whether it's a trip, a meeting with friends, or a walk about a city, the conversation about food is always topical, interesting , and exciting. Signe does not look at organic produces as something exclusive, bet rather a basic. She also believes that we must live thinking in the long term.

Armands Meirāns is not only the photographer for this book, but also is responsible for raising the level of food photography to new heights in Latvia. He has inspired more that one person to follow in his footsteps. He does not just take pictures, but literally tastes everything and gets a real feel for every photo, understanding that foods is important.

Raimonds Tomsons. If you had to answer a questions about wine in the middle of the night, then Raimonds would certainly be one of the people you could call, knowing that he could find the answer.

Andreas Larsson speaks seven languages, cooks outstanding meals with ease, is a guitar virtuoso, can beat you in chess, and has achieved the almost impossible by obtaining the title of Best Sommelier of the World in 2007 (so far only 14 people have done this.)

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