I Love My India: Stories for a City

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I Love My India: Stories for a City
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Category: Art Albums
Author Veeraraghavan A.
Publication date 2004
ISBN 1904587089

Mapping an ironic and poetic visual journey through Indian cities, I Love My India confounds our sense of the real with the often surreal forms of our social arrangements. Combining the eye of an ironic insider with that of a curious traveler, this is a witty and original account of street life, kitsch and popular culture. It invites a reading of the city through its signs, spaces, graffiti and dwellings. An unusual book that romances the pert idioms of Indian urban pop and street culture into a new definition of the global.

"Triggered by the interaction between urban Indian pop culture and the one generated by ever-growing cyberspace, the sensitivity of a young visionary begins to speak out." - Andrea Anastasio, Ex-Memphis and Artemide, Italy

Avinash Veereraghavan is a young graphic designer who runs BEETROOT, a design studio in Bangalore, India. He trained under and went on to work with the Italian designer Andrea Anastasio. He has also done stages at Studio Sowden and Studio Fronzoni in Milan, Italy. Avinash Veeraraghavan's work reflects his interest in popular culture and in exploring a mix of visual media as well as his intent of creating work that re-defines notions of the local and the global.

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