Seven Secrets of Mindfulness

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Seven Secrets of Mindfulness
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Category: Psychology. Pedagogy
Author Carne K.
Publisher Rider
Publication date 2016
ISBN 9781846045042

Mindfulness remains as popular as ever. Yet those who are drawn to it may face challenges such as lack of time, physical pain, anxiety, depression or uncertainty. In this ground-breaking book, Kate Carne shows how to deal with the many problems that can arise, and offers practical solutions to help you overcome obstacles and deepen your practice.

Combining personal stories, grounded advice and insights drawn from Kate Carne’s own professional and personal experience, as well as the experience of the many people she has taught over the years, this unique book is essential reading for anyone who has ever been drawn to mindfulness, but who – in spite of the best of intentions – finds themselves struggling to keep going after their initial enthusiasm has waned.

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