Cherish: Madonna, Like an Icon

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Cherish: Madonna, Like an Icon
Cherish: Madonna, Like an Icon
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Category: Music. Film, Video & Theater
Author Foy, D.
Publisher Ivy Press
Publication date 2012
ISBN 9781908005670

Cherish is the Madonna Icon-ography a collection of more than 150 photographs alongside a lively commentary, in tribute to every key and unforgettable moment of Madonna’s life and career. Timeless and timely, this rich mosaic allows readers to experience the making of ‘Her Madgestry’ from the very beginning.

Self-confessed fan David Foy explores all in this comprehensive collector’s biography the cleverly navigated controversies, the experimental film forays, the groundbreaking moments that redefined a genre taking the reader right up to the release of Madonna’s critically acclaimed number one album, MDNA.

Madonna is well known as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time. For her fans, Cherish will redefine Madonna as the history of women in music.

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