The Book Of Flags

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The Book Of Flags
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Category: Tourism. Guides. Maps
Author Colson, R.
Publisher Wayland Books
Publication date 2016
ISBN 9780750298285

With more than 200 stickers and a world map poster, this is a brilliant, interactive guide to the flags of the world. Did you know that the US Star-Spangled Banner was designed by a 17-year-old school boy? Or that the Brazilian flag shows a star constellation of the night sky from 1889? Welcome to the bizarre and fascinating world of flags! From the checkered Formula 1 flag and the rainbow banner to historical standards and country flags, this book is packed with amazing facts, stories and curiosities behind some of the world's most iconic banners. Discover the cultural and political history behind each flag, as well as flag rituals, historical uses of flags and heaps of curiosities and unusual facts.

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