Overs!ze. The Mega Art & Installations

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Overs!ze. The Mega Art & Installations
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Category: Design. Interior
Author Victionary
Publisher Gingko Press
ISBN 9789881943989

Size intrigues when it appears atypical. The greater the distinction, the stronger the magnetism, forcing us to hold our eyes on to that something to assimilate the particulars, make sense of it and have it lodged in our minds.

Profiling 40 artists known for their monumental sculptures and installations put up around the world, OVERS!ZE investigates how size functions as a delightful tool to make a statement, break the routine or shrink us — taking us back to a time where everything else was much larger than us.

In the INTERVIEW section, we speak to some of the world’s most active big thinkers, such as Kurt Perschke (US), Inges Idee (DE), Max Streicher (CA) and Florentijn Hofman (NE) to find out how they perceive space, public space and the merits of scaling up art.

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