Journey to the land of Black balsam

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Journey to the land of Black balsam
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Category: History of Art & Culture
Author Ņikišins A., Sļičkovs A.
Publisher Uzbek Palace SIA
Publication date 2017
ISBN 9789934865718


The world’s first publication on Riga Black Balsam in its 265 years of history co-authored by an international group from Latvia and Russia. Includes exhibits from museums in Riga, Jelgava, Liepaja, and Moscow, as well as from private collections.

Many famous drinks of the world bear the names of their creators. Some of them are known, and mankind is grateful to them. It is well known that “Becherovka” was invented by the pharmacist Josef Vitus Becher, “Smirnovskaya Vodka” by the Russian industrialist Peter Smirnov, “Martell” cognac by the Frenchman Jean Martell in 1715, and the famous “Cinzano” vermouth by the Cinzano family, who lived in Turin a few centuries ago. Riga Black Balsam was also created by a real person - Abraham Kunze, a pharmacist or perhaps a blacksmith, who lived in Riga in 18th century.

This rich illustrated book will reveal the story about him and the history of his talented creation, a great product known in the world as Riga Black Balsam.

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