Why Are You Always On The Phone?

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Why Are You Always On The Phone?
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Category: Psychology. Pedagogy
Author M L Yeo M.
Publisher World Scientific Publishing
Publication date 2017
ISBN 9789813149342

Why Are You Always on the Phone? SMART Skills with the Smartphone Generation is a revelation and an actual depiction of what goes on in the everyday lives of youth who are connected and are online most of the time either via their smartphone or their iPad. Many a time, parents of tweens and teenagers from the age of 10 onwards to 18, are curious and are even 'tearing their hair out'; frustrated with their child/children's obsession with texting and chatting online 24/7. The challenge then is how we can seek to understand the complexities and nuances of our youth and their connection in the 21st-century technologically driven globalized society. Unraveling this challenge, this book provides powerful insights into the lives of individuals as they grapple with the rise of being connected at any time at any place via their smartphone. Voices from parents, tweens and teens sharing their online experiences and opinions have been weaved and compiled into the text for an honest and interesting read for all.With stories and anecdotes, Why Are You Always on the Phone? serves to answer the questions 'Why are you always online?', 'What are you doing online?' and a list of queries that most parents, educators and even tweens and teenagers themselves seek to know and are curious about. It is hoped that by answering these, it will prompt deeper, more empathetic, and layered connections between parents, tweens, teenagers and educators for more fulfilling parent-child and teacher-student relationships and thus highlight the importance of practising effective and safe uses of the smartphone and other devices.

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