50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades

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50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades
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Price in bookstore 14.99 €
Category: Handicrafts
Author Lobut A.
Publisher David and Charles
Publication date 2013
ISBN 9781446304457

Choosing the right lampshade can enhance the mood of a room but making lampshades by hand provides a uniquely individual touch 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades provides you with a beautiful yet achievable collection of lampshade projects that look expensive but don't have the price tag to match to enhance any home!

Each of the 50 projects is accompanied by simple instructions, diagrams and illustrated by beautiful photographs. Useful templates and stencils are also provided to help you master the basic techniques, whether you are a complete novice or an expert DIY-er.

Features a diverse range of styles, techniques and materials for wide appeal--including knitting, sewing, beading, decoupage, upcycling, papercraft and more.

So why not brighten up your decor with handmade lamps in an abundance of styles from contemporary chic to natural organic, classic retro to boho modern.

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