European Product Design

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European Product Design
European Product Design
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Category: Design. Interior
Author Gimenez M.
Publisher Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Publication date 2013
ISBN 9788415829331

We are thinking of creating products that meet the human being needs. It is a creative activity that must combine both the intended use of the product along with visual appeal for its acceptance by the human. Therefore the technique is as important as creativity. To create and bring a new product to market involves two processes: product engineering and market analysis. In this volume we will look after the object design and in particular to the creative highlights within Europe. The selection of projects compiled in this book comes from various creative fields, chairs, lamps, sofas, items to rest and relax, with a clear aesthetic and functional vocation, designs to better preserve the environment and not to hit with contaminated garbage. Exclusive and incredible designs, completed all with designers renderings where we can see the product designed in sections and its evolution to the final design.

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