Boyond The Chains Of Illusion: My Encounter With Marx and Freud

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Boyond The Chains Of Illusion: My Encounter With Marx and Freud
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Category: Philosophy
Author Fromm E.
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date 2017
ISBN 9781501334481

First published in 1962 Beyond the Chains of Illusion is Fromm's landmark book about Marx and Freud. Here he delivers original readings of these hugely influential thinkers and, in doing so, offers us new ways of understanding the individual and society. Perhaps even more revealing than these readings is the insight we get into Fromm's own thought and the political and social contexts in which he formed his ideas. Including a foreword by Fromm's Literary Executor, Rainer Funk, this is unique introduction to Marx and Freud and also to Fromm's life and thought.

Table of contents

Foreword by Rainer Funk

I. Some Personal Antecedents
II. The Common Ground
III. The Concept of Man and His Nature
IV. Human Evolution
V. Human Motivation
VI. The Sick Individual and the Sick Society
VII. The Concept of Mental Health
VIII. Individual and Social Character
IX. The Social Unconscious
X. The Fate of Both Theories
XL. Some Related Ideas
XII. Credo

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