Entre Nous

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Entre Nous
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Category: Philosophy
Author Levinas E.
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date 2017
ISBN 9781350041639

Entre Nous is a major collection of essays representing the culmination of Emmanuel Levinas's philosophy. Bringing together his most important work in a single volume the book reveals the development of his thought over nearly forty years of committed inquiry. Here he engages with issues of suffering, love, religion, culture, justice, human rights, and legal theory and each issue is discussed in relation to the ethical dimensions of otherness. Like much of his work this text bridges several major gaps in the evolution of Continental philosophy, between modernism and postmodernism, phenomenology and poststructuralism, ethics and ontology.

Table of contents

Translator's Acknowledgments
Author's Preface
1 Is Ontology Fundamental?
2 The I and the Totality
3 Levy-Bruhl and Contemporary Philosophy
4 A Man-God?
5 A New Rationality: On Gabriel Marcel
6 Hermeneutics and the Beyond
7 Philosophy and Awakening
8 Useless Suffering
9 Philosophy, Justice, and Love
10 Nonintentional Consciousness
11 From the One to the Other: Transcendence and Time
12 The Rights of Man and Good Will
13 Diachrony and Representation
14 The Philosophical Determination of the Idea of Culture
15 Uniqueness
16 Totality and Infinity. Preface to the German Edition
17 Dialogue on Thinking-of-the-Other
18 'Dying For . . . '
19 The Idea of the Infinite in Us
20 The Other, Utopia, and Justice

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