Japanese SPA Resorts

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Japanese SPA Resorts
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Category: Architecture
Author Qu J., Dai W.
Publisher Design Media Publishing Limited
Publication date 2011
ISBN 9789881507167

The elegant design of the hotel and the perfect harmony between Japanese traditional culture and the modern design concept in this book present you both sensual and psychological appreciation of the affluent spa culture of Japan, the spa kingdom in the world. With more than fifty well-known and distinguished Japanese hotels included, the book gives detailed descriptions of the scales, facilities, and the design styles of the Japanese spa baths of each hotel in particular. From the interior design of the spacious and bright reception halls, the luxurious ocean-front guest rooms, and the cozy beauty and wellness salons to the exterior landscape design of Japanese gardens and the ideal location near the mountains or by a river, and especially the individualized recuperative spa baths, all demonstrate the work of the Japanese spa hotel master designers.

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