Hotels & Clubs

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Hotels & Clubs
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Category: Architecture
Author Jianhua S., Chang C.
Publisher Design Media Publishing Limited
Publication date 2013
ISBN 9789881566201

Different from ordinary residential or office buildings, hotels and clubs are the second, even the third living space for human. Therefore, the architecture of hotels and clubs should meet the specific groups, or general groups' specific needs. With exquisite and unique forms and styles, and culture and stories behind architecture, the architects are presenting their thoughts in23 projects. In the book, the architects move away from 'mass construction' for a while and create architecture for its own sake. Thus from a certain point of view, they add more original and experimental elements. Featuring project include Xun by ZHU Xiaodi, chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD); Hongluo Clubhouse by MA Yansong, founder of MAD Architects; Placid River Club by Yung Ho Chang from Atelier FCJZ and representative work by other Chinese architects.

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