100 Awesom Hair Days

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100 Awesom Hair Days
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Price in bookstore 16.99 €
Category: Cosmetology. Beauty
Author Strebe J.
Publisher Octopus Books
Publication date 2015
ISBN 9781784720414

Super chic but achievable hairstyles for all occasions and all hair types, complete with step-by-step instructions from top hair stylist Jenny Strebe.

Struggling to tame thick and unruly curls? Tired of having limp, lifeless tresses? Hair can be a temperamental thing, but with 100 Awesome Hair Days as your guide you can learn styles that work with your hair, not against it. Whether your hair is fine, flat or frizzy, you will find styles suited to your particular type in chapters dedicated to different types of hair days: Stay-at-Home, Busy, Sporty, Dress-up and Special.

A follow-on from the international best-seller Braids, Buns & Twists, this book will ensure you never have a bad hair day again!

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