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Category: Latvian Literature
Author McIsaac M.
Publisher Andersen Press
Publication date 2018
ISBN 9781783446216

Patrick is desperately searching for a way to get back to his own time, but he will need to go into the very heart of danger to get what he needs. And when he does go back, what will have happened to his family?

Patrick is a boy out of his time. He has been thrown forward 300 years into the future, and he must find a way home to save his family from a frightening fate.
Leaving shelter with his Shadow, the man who Moved him to this future, Patrick starts out on a terrifying quest to the very heart of danger. Amongst scavengers, thieves and a crack team of soldiers dedicated to destroying a despotic regime, Patrick will have to fight every step of the way to find his way back to where he belongs.

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