Save The Date

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Save The Date
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Category: Design. Interior
Publisher Viction:ary
Publication date 2010
ISBN 9789881943828

Indispensible artifacts of our material and virtual culture, calendars help us to organize our increasingly complicated lives within the framework of the passage of time. We depend on them as personal flash drives to contain and retrieve the overflow of data we have resigned to not committing to memory. But, whether on our walls, desks, or desktops they rarely stray from anticipated or traditional forms. Save the Date showcases groundbreaking designs for calendars and planners, where aesthetic concerns compete with the temporal to create new and often startling combinations. No longer largely invisible or disposable, the calendars of today demand pride of placement in our homes or workplaces to be followed by a graceful retirement as collectible or covetable objets d art. Break the grid!

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