Korean Cookbook: A Twist on the Traditional

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Korean Cookbook: A Twist on the Traditional
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Category: Cooking, Food & Wine
Author Chung Jae Lee
Publisher New Holland
Publication date 2019
ISBN 9781760790639

Chung has written this book to share with the world his unique story, Korean heritage and culture, individual style of cooking and passion for food. For Chung Jae Lee, born in the busy city of Seoul many moons ago, food has always been a huge factor in his life. Koreans love to eat and the food must always be delicious. Chung Jae shares his favorite and most popular Korean recipes, introducing the home cook to Korean food with traditional Korean eats and his versions of Korean favorites. With simple steps and easy to find ingredients, learn how to cook some of Korea's most-loved food, with a modern twist, including bulgogi, bimibap, Korean barbeque, Jaeyuk gui, seafood pancake, kimchi and twist donuts. Chung Jae shows how easy cooking Korean food can be from party food and mains, to sweets, sauces and sides, this is food you will love eating. Chapters include Korean History and Culture; Table Etiquette; Celebrations; and Tea Culture. Learn which basic and classic ingredients to have in your pantry and use in the many classic sweet and savory recipes in this beautiful book.

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