Pirates : Culture and Style 15th Century to Present

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Pirates : Culture and Style 15th Century to Present
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Category: History of Art & Culture
Author Guarnaccia M.
Publisher Gingko Press
Publication date 2016
ISBN 9781584236436

Whether reviled as criminals or upheld as symbols of ultimate freedom, it can't be denied that the figure of the pirate has had an unmistakable impact on everything from modern fashion and literature to art and classic cinema. Pirates is a map to the scenic world of the buccaneer, looking back to classical artwork, maps, and advertising to reveal how these iconic figures make their presence known today. It shows how style idols like David Bowie and the Rolling Stones incorporated the pirate's sense of romanticism and danger into their famous looks, as well as how the flair of the pirating lifestyle has been represented in contemporary fashion, vintage advertising and art, cartoons, costume design, and numerous golden age films and musicals. With a broad array of culturally diverse pirates both fictional and real represented, Pirates visually demonstrates the roguish allure that has been captivating artists, designers, and fashionistas for centuries.

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