A Thousand Suns

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A Thousand Suns
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Category: Fiction in English
Author Scarrow A.
Publisher Orion Books
Publication date 2007
ISBN A Thousand Suns

"Off the coast of New England, a trawler tangles its nets on wreckage from sixty years ago - a B17 'flying fortress', perfectly preserved and containing the final and most terrifying secret of WWII." "When freelance photographer Chris Roland enters the sunken plane, what he finds in the dark, tomb-like interior changes all that he knows about the end of the war. What he discovers is how desperately close it came to being the end of everything - and that knowledge might just end up killing him." "Half a century earlier, Hitler gambled it all on one last throw of the dice, and now it seems Chris is one of the very few to know about it."--Jacket.

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