The Warsaw Anagrams

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The Warsaw Anagrams
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Category: Fiction in English
Author Zimler R.
Publication date 2011
ISBN 9781780339368

Autumn 1940. Sealed in a small are of the Polish capital and cut off from the outside world are 400,000 Jews. Erik Cohen, an elderly psychiatrist, is forced to move into a tiny apartment with his niece and his beloved 9 year old great-nephew, Adam.

One bitterly cold winter's day, Adam goes missing. The next morning his body is discovered tangled in the barbed wire surrounding the ghetto. The boy's leg has been cut off, and a tiny piece of string has been left in his mouth. Soon, another body turns up & this time a girl's, and one of her hands has been taken. Evidence begins to point to a Jewish traitor luring children to their death.

In this profoundly moving and darkly atmospheric historical thriller, the reader is taken into the most forbidden corners of Nazi-occupied Warsaw and as well as into the most heroic places of the heart.

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