Love, Sex & Other Foreign Policy Goals

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Love, Sex & Other Foreign Policy Goals
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Category: Latvian Literature
Author Armstrong J.
Publisher Vintage
Publication date 2016
ISBN 9780099578741

It’s 1994 and a gang of good-hearted young people set off in a Ford Transit van armed with several sacks of rice and a half-written play. Their aim is to light a beacon of peace across the Balkans and, very probably, stop the war.

Andrew would love to stop the war. But what he’d also love to do – perhaps even more than stop the war – is sleep with Penny. Does Penny like him though? Or does she love Simon, Andrew’s rival, an irritatingly authentic Geordie poet? Or Shannon, the fierce, inspiring American leader of the troupe? And how will this all play out in a war-zone where all the rules have been abandoned?

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