Westerns: DVD and Book Set

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Westerns: DVD and Book Set
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Category: Music. Film, Video & Theater
Author Samuel S.
Publisher Demand Media
Publication date 2014
ISBN 9781910270578

LUCKY TEXAN DVD: Blacksmith Jerry Mason, a recent college graduate, and his partner, Jake Benson, an old friend of Jerry s deceased father, find a gold nugget in a horse s hoof and locate the source of the gold in a nearby creek. They decide not to file a claim but innocently sell their load to two dishonest assayers, Harris and Cole. The assayers take advantage of the prospectors by tricking Jake into signing over the deed to his ranch. Shortly after Jake pays off his debt on the blacksmith shop, Al Miller, the sheriff s son, robs the bank and almost kills bank executive Williams. Jake is accused of the crime, and in a daring chase, Jerry captures Al and returns the stolen money, while Jake is freed. Jake s granddaughter Betty returns from college to discover that Harris and Cole think they have successfully murdered Jake and are trying to claim his land. Jake, however, has survived the murder attempt and, dressed as a woman, attends the court hearing concerning his death. In disguise, Jake testifies to Harris and Cole s guilt, but when his skirt catches under Betty s chair, his true identity is exposed. Harris and Cole flee the courtroom, but Jerry and Jake apprehend them, restoring Jake s property. Now safe from the thieving assayers, Betty and Jerry marry. LITTLE BOOK OF WESTERNS: Almost since the birth of the motion-picture medium, Western movies have become part of our culture. In the last years of the 19th century, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill starred in their own short films about the Wild West. By 1903, The Great Train Robbery had ushered in a new style of film-making and given birth to the Western genre. The 1920s was the first golden era of cinema, with actors like Hoot Gibson, Jim Corey and Harry Carey becoming household names and playing a huge part in developing the now-familiar all-action style. The popularity of the genre then exploded with the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s. Iconic films like Sergio Leone s Dollars Trilogy were shot in Spain or Italy with stars of the calibre of Clint Eastwood drawing huge audiences. More recently, crossover films like Cowboys and Aliens have brought the genre into the 21st century. This book looks at the greatest Western films of all time, their stars and their impact on the world of movie-making as well as some of the more popular Western TV series.