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Category: Architecture
Author Lei Z., Ge Y.
Publisher Design Media Publishing Limited
Publication date 2013
ISBN 9789881566270

With the rapid development of the economy and tremendous changes in technology in contemporary China, people are no longer satisfied with the existing living condistions and they demand more comfort, variety, and adaptability. In addition to ensuring a continuing supply of houses, it is increasingly important to improve the functional quality in residential space design. The human-oriented concept pays more attention to the relationship between the dwelling space and its natural surroundings, providing the basic functions of houses while endowing them with a deeper ethos. From the designers' perspective, client requirements and developing housing trends bring more opportunities and challenges. Houses investigates the relationship between dwelling space and natural context and summarizes the developing trends of residential design in China by collecting projects of renowned local designers. Each project in the book is illustrated with beautiful images, delicate drawings, and a detailed description to showcase the innovation ideas of the designer in a clear and systematic way.

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