My Son, the Wizard

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My Son, the Wizard
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Category: Fiction in English
Author Stastheff C.
Publisher Autodati
Publication date 1997

When Matt Mantrell--Her Majesty's Wizard--conjured himself from magical Merovence to his hometown in New Jersey, he discovered that vicious drug-dealing gangs had reduced the old neighborhood to a wasteland--and forced his parents to the brink of destitution. For Matt, the only answer was to transport them safely back to Merovence with him. 

But the Mantrells weren't the only ones moving to Merovence: While Matt had been away, an army of Moors had invaded. As Queen Alisande led her army forth to engage the enemy, Matt launched his own campaign--with the aid of his fledgling wizard parents, the faithful dragon Stegoman, and a hapless tagalong thief. They sought to root out the real enemy behind the mayhem, even if it meant grappling with djinn, matching wits with a Moorish military genius, and trading spells with sinister sorcerers. For this enemy proved to be a cunning and deadly wizard--one who served the most evil master of all . . .

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