Bagāžas Josta 2. 040

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Bagāžas Josta 2. 040
Bagāžas Josta 2. 040
Bagāžas Josta 2. 040
Bagāžas Josta 2. 040
About this item
Price in bookstore 11.99 €
Category: Preces ceļotājiem
Manufacturer Travel Blue
Barcode 5018404000408

TravelBlue is a company with many years of tradition, producing fantastic and popular tourist accessories. They are constantly looking for new materials, new solutions and products so that our travels are even more enjoyable!

The worst thing that can happen when carrying your luggage… zip splits and your unmentionables are strewn across the hotel lobby floor. You prey that somehow one of you socks has suddenly become enchanted and will open a portal to pretty much anywhere else in the world. Sadly magical socks aren't a thing, but luggage straps are! Don't run the risk of a super suitcase split, clip on your strap and you can confidently stride through that lobby!

Dimensions (W/L) - 200 x 5 cm (80 x 2 inches)
Material - Strap: PP, Buckle: Nylon
Rub-a-dub-dub - wipe clean

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