TB Krustveida siksna 42

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TB Krustveida siksna 42
TB Krustveida siksna 42
TB Krustveida siksna 42
TB Krustveida siksna 42
About this item
Price in bookstore 19.99 €
Category: Preces ceļotājiem
Manufacturer Travel Blue
Barcode 5018404000422

TravelBlue is a company with many years of tradition, producing fantastic and popular tourist accessories. They are constantly looking for new materials, new solutions and products so that our travels are even more enjoyable!

Personalise your luggage with the Crossed Luggage Strap. So distinctive and colourful, you’ll be able to spot your luggage a mile off. Strong and long-lasting with an extra strong release buckle, this strap will stay fastened on your suitcase and help to avoid mistaken identity. Crosses both ways for extra security.

Features -
Heavy Duty luggage strap crosses both horizontally and vertically for extra security
Distinctive colours to differentiate easily from other baggage
Extra strong buckle to keep everything secure.

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