Marķ.ūdens bāzes UNI Posca PC- 1M dzeltens(2)

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Marķ.ūdens bāzes UNI Posca PC- 1M dzeltens(2)
Marķ.ūdens bāzes UNI Posca PC- 1M dzeltens(2)
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Category: Colour Pens, Markers & Highliters
Type Posca
Manufacturer Uni-ball

Water-based paint marker. Write on all kinds of surface (paper cardboards, terracota, wood, metal, textile, porcelaine, plastic, glass). Ultimate marker for creative hobbies. Many ideas on

LINE WIDTH: 0,7mm ultra fine.
PC-1M: to write, draw, paint, decorate, mark. Utra fine tip has the same qualities as paint marker in apen. It is designed for professionals and beginners requiring an ultra-fine and consistent line in a wide selection of colours.
NIB: Elastomer/PIN tipe.
BARREL: Plastic (PP).
Before Use: 1) Shake the marker vigorously, with the cap on. 2) On a sheet, press down the tip several times to start the paint flowing.
None-xylene, None-toxic, None-odor.
TIP: All POSCA tips can be rinsed with water and some are reversible or replaceable.
Made a mistake, simply overlay to correct or use wet sponge (depends from surface).
No need for a base – unique opaque ink.

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