Ģeometrisko figūru komplekts

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Ģeometrisko figūru komplekts
Ģeometrisko figūru komplekts
Ģeometrisko figūru komplekts
Ģeometrisko figūru komplekts
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Category: Learning Toys

Geometrical Shape Set
in 6 colours (6 pcs)
The set contains 6 different shapes made of RE-Plastic®.
Height and base 10cm.
Packed in cardboard box with instructions.

To characterise different body models (cube, cuboid, prism, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere) and to train spatial imagination by looking at different shapes.
Matching everyday objects from the environment
Repeat and consolidate surface area calculations of plane figures (triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, sectors of circles) to determine surface area.
Apply the skills acquired through experimenting and practising with plane shapes and add the third dimension.
Estimate and compare spatial contents and develop ideas about the size of spatial contents.
Practise decimals and fractions of known volumes.
Be able to describe and calculate terms such as bounding surfaces, base and top surfaces, side surfaces, shell, surfaces, body meshes, surface of revolution, axis and volume.
Being able to see through and justify the formulas.

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