The Splendid Book of the Bicycle: From Boneshakers to Bradley Wiggins

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The Splendid Book of the Bicycle: From Boneshakers to Bradley Wiggins
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A sumptuous, wide-ranging guide to cycling, full of practical information but with a huge sense of fun

Bikes are everywhere these days: chained to lampposts, carried on trains, stacked on the back of cars zooming down the motorway; up hill, down dale tinkling their way along the abandoned railways - now cycle routes - that crisscross the countryside. Cycling is a hugely popular leisure activity, and is held up as the solution to our health worries and our economic woes, representing a return to a simpler, more economical and more wholesome way of life.

This fascinating, wide-ranging book is for all keen cyclists, from the family of weekend riders to the daily bike commuter, and the men and women for whom a bike is more of a friend than a piece of equipment. It's for everyone with a lively interest in cycle culture, and is unashamedly retro, packed with evocative images from cycling's rich annals. It is informative, but not too serious, covering not only topics such as frame design and technical specifications, but also bikes in the movies and bikes in books. It delves into history, telling of the first cyclenavigation of the globe on a penny farthing. And it uses science to rediscover the mystery and wonder of this everyday marvel: explaining what balance is, exploring the material science of rubber, and asking whether it really is worth shaving your legs. The Splendid Book of the Bicycle is a celebration of cycling, the most popular and timeless alternative to going for a walk.