"Valters and Rapa” online internet store.

By applying catalogue and/or search dialogue box one can get acquainted with the accessibility of goods and obtain information on the prices of books, DVDs and CDs.

Red price - is the lowest prices of goods to be purchasde shopping online in our store.

Green price - is the lowest price of the sales item to be purched in all the bookstores of "Valters un Rapa".

Select the goods and by using the option “Buy’’ place them in your cart see the right upper corner of the page!

If you wist to add other goods to your purchase order, use the key option "Contunue browsing" and add the next item to your cart.

When the shopping process has been completed, check what you have placed in your cart, check the number of items and make corrections if necessary.

In order to proceed with the placement of order, go to the key option “Finalize order”.

By registering details in the file please indicate if you prefer to receive the ordered goods at your home address or at any other indicated place, at a parcel terminal selected by you or at any of our bookstores.

Parcel terminal is a self service post terminal - sending and receiving parcels between indicated terminals of Omniva and Pasta Stacija.

You may see costs and terms in a section „Delivery”.

Before submitting the order please indicate the delivery address, city, ZIP/postal code, your telephone number, as well as the preferable time for delivery and the name and telephone number of the person to receive the order if it differs from the buyer.

If you prefer to collect the goods in any of our bookstores, please indicate the particular store. The goods are to be collected within 14 days, afterwards you will be charged a storage fee.

Check and confirm the order by clicking the option “Finalize”, and you will see complete information including delivery costs and sum total, then use the option “Finish” and pay with your credit card.

To purchase, you may use any VISA or MASTERCARD creditcards issued in any bank of the world and VISA ELECTRON or MAESTRO debit card issued in Latvian commercial bank.

Delivery of the purchase is done after money has been transferred to our account.

If you prefer to pay the invoice using a bank transfer, please specify the purchase number.

In order to receive your purchase faster, please send us a peyment order to info@valtersunrapa.lv.

Reservation time to pay for your purchase is 3 days since the day invoice is written, after this period, all unpaid invoices are cancelled.

After the payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation and information about the delivery time to your e-mail.

Attention! E-shop purchases may only be done by non-cash payments with a card in internet or with a bank transfer.


*Free collection - in any „Valters and Rapa” bookstore as well as in the territory of Riga, if the purchase order exceeds 25.00 EUR.

*Delivery to the parcel terminal – indicate the parcel terminal from a list or a map. You will receive an informative message with a key code to your phone as soon as parcel will reach the terminal you have had selected. Go to the parcel terminal, enter the key code and get your parcel.

A more detailed information about the parcel terminals find in Omniva and Pasta stacija websites.

NB! Parcel terminals are not a part of Latvijas Pasts!

Delivery payment and sum total are indicated at the moment of placing an order!  

* A direct delivery in the territory of Latvia is done by express mail to the address indicated in your order. Delivery payment depends on the sum and place of delivery - delivery in Riga is EUR 3.00, delivery to other places in Latvia starting EUR 4.98.

Delivery payment and sum total are indicated at the moment of placing an order!  

*Shipping outside Latvia - chose the book and/or goods, indicate delivery address and pay for the purchase. After the payment is done, we will calculate the weight of the parcel, delivery expenses and will send you an invoice to be paid with a bank card or by making a bank transfer.

Delivery payment is calculated after the order is paid!




Order processing takes place only on bank working days from 9.00 to 17.30. 

In the territory of Latvia the purchased goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days and in the territory of Riga - within the next working day if the goods are in our storage.

To receive your order in "Valters un Rapa" bookstore you have to go to the indicated store and tell your name, surname and order number at the cash-desk.

If the person indicated in the purchase order is not in the indicated place and time, the goods will be returned back to our storage and the buyer will have to cover the express mail service charge in double amount. You will be able to collect the purchased goods again after paying administrative costs and contacting us via e-mail info@valtersunrapa.lv about the next delivery option.

For more details please contact us via e-mail info@valtersunrapa.lv