Interior Lighting

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Interior Lighting
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Kategorija: Dizains. Interjers
Autors Du D., Lee K.
Izdevējs Design Media Publishing Limited
Izdošanas gads 2010
ISBN 9789881973870

Lighting is the most effective creator of ambience in the interior. Since lighting was introduced into homes, it has played the most important role in our daily life. Lighting has become an integral part of interior design. It enriches our spaces and affects our visual and psychological experience-even our working efficiency. Moreover, lighting can change our perception of a space. Appropriate lighting design can personalize your space and establish a charm of your own. In this book, lighting design is approached from three perspectives: lighting of interior spaces, lighting as interior decoration, and lighting as interior atmosphere. With an abundance of pictures and detailed introductions, you can see the role that lighting plays in interior design and the effects it can bring. The book will be an inspiring reference for interior designers and other readers alike.

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