An Ancient Peace

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An Ancient Peace
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Plaukta cena 4,99 €
Kategorija: Oriģinālliteratūra
Autors Huff T.
Izdevējs Titan Books
Izdošanas gads 2015
ISBN 9781781169766

The centuries-long war between the Confederation and The Others, a group of violent alien species, is over. Intergalactic peace is finally restored. Torin Kerr and her crew of ex-Marine friends have gone freelance using their military experience as guns for hire. But this calm equilibrium cannot last. Someone is searching for the lost weapons of the H'san: powerful tools capable of destroying entire planets. Though the H'san gave up fighting long ago, the reappearance of their weapons would no doubt lead to a devastating war. It is up to Torin Kerr and her team to fix this problem before it explodes. But the more Torin learns about the relationship between the Elder and Younger races, the more she fears war might be unavoidable...

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