The Future of Place Moore Rubel Yudell

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The Future of Place Moore Rubel Yudell
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Kategorija: Arhitektūra
Autors Yudel M. R.
Izdevējs Design Media Publishing Limited
Izdošanas gads 2010
ISBN 9789881973924

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners have long been at the forefront of aesthetic, sustainable, and humane architectural design across the globe. The firm's latest publication, The Future of Place, not only encapsulates their most recent projects, but serves as a resource for current and future approaches to modern architectural problems. One chapter in the book focuses on campus projects, exploring how campuses are evolving to fit contemporary students' needs, and the requirements of urban contexts. Another chapter showcases private residential projects, showing how they respond uniquely to the surrounding context, environment, and inhabitants' needs. Another chapter addresses civic structures-from embassies to parking structures-and how an effective design integrates the building's highly specialized programming. Housing and master planning are also showcased to depict humane and effective iterations of high-density living.

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