The Nazi Dictatorship

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The Nazi Dictatorship
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Kategorija: Filozofija
Autors Kershaw I.
Izdošanas gads 2015
ISBN 9781474240956

Unquestionably the most authoritative, balanced, readable, and meticulously documented introduction to the Third Reich.' - International History Review Sir Ian Kershaw is regarded by many as the worlds leading authority on Hitler and the Third Reich. Known for his clear and accessible style when dealing with complex historical issues his work has redefined the way we look at this period modern European history. The Nazi Dictatorship is Kershaws landmark study of the Third Reich. It covers the major themes and debates relating to Nazism including the Holocaust, Hitlers authority and leadership, Nazi Foreign Policy and the aftermath, including issues surrounding Germanys unification. The Revelations edition includes a new preface from the author.

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