The Photographer's iPad

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The Photographer's iPad
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Plaukta cena 16,99 €
Kategorija: Fotomāksla
Autors F. Gallaugher
Izdevējs Hachette
Izdošanas gads 2015
ISBN 781781572269

Place the iPad at the heart of your photography.

This state-of-the-art display, professional image editor, and fully connected device has revolutionized what's possible on the road and in the studio. It's time to realize its potential.

No longer merely a consumer tablet, the iPad has evolved into a powerful computer that slips into your photographic workflow as easily as it fits into your camera bag. Featuring the latest and best software, this comprehensive guide details everything that's possible, from managing your photos immediately after a shoot to processing Raw files with top-of-the-line apps, with straightforward, step-by-step instructions for making the most of every feature and function available.

Break out of Apple's walled garden and learn how to easily import photos, move them between apps, and share with other devices

Take your image catalog wherever you go with full editing capabilities using Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Turn your iPad into an essential and exhilarating piece of photographic gear

New Orleans-born Frank Gallaugher has worked in the photography industry all his life, initially as a reporter for major US photo sites, and now as a specialist editor working closely with some of the biggest names in photography. Never without a camera over his shoulder, Frank has seen his photography and books published around the world and translated into eleven languages, and is the authority on the latest camera tech, the Apple ecosystem, and Adobe Lightroom.

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