The Unconquerable World Why peaceful protest is strong

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The Unconquerable World Why peaceful protest is strong
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Kategorija: Politika, politoloģija. Socialoģija
Autors Schell J.
Izdevējs Penguin Books
Izdošanas gads 2005
ISBN 0141016868

At times of global crisis, Jonathan Schell's books have presented influential alternatives to conventional, dead-end thinking. His classic best-seller, THE FATE OF THE EARTH, was hailed as an event of profound historical moment by the New York Times. Now, as the world order is once more in a state of upheaval, Schell re-enters the fray with a lucid, impassioned, provocative book that points the way out of the unparalleled devastation that marked the twentieth century towards ather, more peaceful path. Tracing the unlimited expansion of violence to its culmination in nuclear stalemate, Schell uncovers a simultaneous but little ted history of n-violent action at every level of political life.

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