Forecast: Turbulence

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Forecast: Turbulence
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Kategorija: Daiļliteratūra angļu valodā
Autors Turner-Hospital J.
Izdevējs Harper Collins
Izdošanas gads 2011
ISBN 9780732294441

A breathtaking collection of nine short stories and one short memoir piece by internationally acclaimed Australian author Janette Turner Hospital Violent weather pervades this breathtaking collection, reflecting the cataclysmic emotions swirling through the lives of the protagonists. A loner becomes obsessed with the beautiful face of a neighbour, a child and his enigmatic grandmother sit out a hurricane, two fragile girls visit their stepfathers in prison and share a macabre ritual, a young woman is deeply ashamed of what her father has become ... Janette turner Hospital sensitively weaves stories of heartbreaking poignancy, shocking power and steadfast resolve, all honouring a universal question: how can we maintain equilibrium in a turbulent and uncertain world? the turbulent river rushes on. 'Everything flows,' wrote Heraclitus, 'and nothing stays fixed.'

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