Water Pack!

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Water Pack!
Water Pack!
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Plaukta cena 11,99 €
Kategorija: Dizains. Interjers
Autors Trivino S., Bou L.
Izdevējs Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Izdošanas gads 2010
ISBN 9788496823563

This title takes you on a superbly illustrated journey into the exclusive world of designer water packaging. It includes dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted design related media & organizations. Water, so essential to the survival of life, has recently acquired a prominent status among fashion-conscious and demanding consumers. With its origins in the ultra fashionable cafes and boutiques of Paris, designer water can now be found around the world. "Water Pack!" presents readers with a superbly illustrated selection of the best packaging designs for bottled water from around the globe, featuring brands which are found only in today's most exclusive restaurants, bars, and spa shops. This volume also takes readers on a journey behind the designs, showing how something as elemental and ubiquitous as water can been turned into an object of desire.

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