Green Houses: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture

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Green Houses: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture
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Plaukta cena 12,49 €
Kategorija: Arhitektūra
Autors Minguet J. M., Mira O.
Izdevējs Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Izdošanas gads 2013
ISBN 9788415223849

This is a superb resource for architects, designers, and engineers looking for inspiration in the field of sustainable housing. When talking about sustainable housing, we refer to structures and processes which are both environmentally responsible and efficient in their uses of resources throughout the life cycle of the building - which includes the design, construction, use and even its possible dismantling. This requires close co-operation between everyone involved - architects, engineers, interior decorators, landscapers and client - in all the project phases. This fully illustrated volume explores some of the finest examples of sustainable architecture from around the world. Each project is accompanied by full-colour photographs, plans, and drawings, as well as thorough descriptions with detail what makes them so unique and innovative.

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