Stands. Architecture for Exhibition

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Stands. Architecture for Exhibition
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Plaukta cena 3,99 €
Kategorija: Arhitektūra
Autors Minguet J. M.,Trivino S.
Izdevējs Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Izdošanas gads 2011
ISBN 9788415223078

This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest trends and innovations in the fast-paced world of stand design. New product presentation requirements, and the ever-growing importance which organisation give to attending trade shows has created a new form of architecture whose capacity for innovation has drawn some of the world's top architects and designers. Filled with full colour photography, "Stands" presents readers with an accessible introduction to the latest innovations and trends of this new architectural genre, as well as providing a detailed look at some of the most original and creative designs and concepts from around the world.

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