Pixel Dinosaurs: Colour, Create, Pixelate

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Pixel Dinosaurs: Colour, Create, Pixelate
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Kategorija: Krāsojamās grāmatas
Autors Pixel Pix
Izdevējs Top That Publishing
Izdošanas gads 2016
ISBN 9781784455446

Since a certain game swept the entire planet, pixel artwork is BIG news. But it doesn’t have to be futuristic and high-tech. Now your dramatic pixel pictures can take right you back to prehistoric times. Colour, create, pixelate! Build your own dinosaur universe in this copy colouring adventure. From the mighty T-Rex to the gentle Diplodocus, a lost world is waiting inside. Monster sharks. Brachiosaurus. Woolly mammoths. Colour the pixels to reveal them all.

Innovative copy colouring full of exciting scenes

Colour the squares to reveal hidden pictures

Follow the examples or try out your own colours

Builds concentration and observation skills