Resorts of 10 Leading Brands

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Resorts of 10 Leading Brands
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Plaukta cena 49,99 €
Kategorija: Arhitektūra
Autors Mandy Li
Izdevējs Design Media Publishing Limited
Izdošanas gads 2012
ISBN 9789881545268

This book collects the high-end luxury Alila resorts in the Asia Pacific region; the romantic Banyan Tree resorts with Asian flavor; the leading luxury Shangri-La resorts in the Asian Pacific; the St. Regis resorts, which combine classic sophistication and modern luxury; the exquisite and elegant Le Meridien resorts with French background; the contemporary design-led W resorts; the Westin resorts, which combine their history and modern design; the home-style designed Sheraton resorts; the distinctive and original One & Only resorts in the world's best locations; and the local featured Naiade resorts in the Indian Ocean. These resorts from ten world-famous hotel and resort brands are all exquisitely designed with ingenuity. Each resort presents the unique charm of its brand and blends the regional features and the designer's particular design styles.

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