Harmony Between Architecture & Scenery

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Harmony Between Architecture & Scenery
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Kategorija: Arhitektūra
Autors Wagner L., Weber J.
Izdevējs Design Media Publishing Limited
Izdošanas gads 2013
ISBN 9789881545237

Landscape architecture includes the development of an attractive landscape for a scenic resort, park, or sqaure, or a project with strong landscape identity as it relates to its surroundings and culture, with an emphasis on resource conservation and energy savings. This book consists of design theories and case studies. The theory section appears first in each chapter, followed by logical discussion and reasonable response. Through a series of pictures and graphics, the book introduces the latest developments in original American landscape architecture design, articulation the environemental elements, architectural design methods, and the issue of sustainable development in landscape planning and design. The projects covered in this book are the works of well-known architectural design companies from Asia, the United States, and Europe, and are presented in three sections according to the scale of the projects, from small to large.

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