The Low-Light Photography. Field Guide

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The Low-Light Photography. Field Guide
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Plaukta cena 11,99 €
Kategorija: Fotomāksla
Autors Freeman M.
Izdevējs Ilex Press
Izdošanas gads 2011
ISBN 9781907579790

Go beyond daylight to capture stunning low light images

Like all the titles in this successful series, The Low Light Photography Field Guide offers advice from a respected expert and professional. In this volume, Michael Freeman looks at an area that remains problematic for photographers with even top-of-the range equipment: low light.
Opening with a section on the qualities of different kinds of low light, the book then deals with ways of overcoming gloomy situations, whether you're shooting hand-held or on a tripod. Post-production fixes are also covered, allowing the reader to turn difficult shots into amazing images.

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