The Mangle Street Murders

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The Mangle Street Murders
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Kategorija: Daiļliteratūra angļu valodā
Autors Kasasian M. R. C.
Izdevējs Head Of Zeus Press
Izdošanas gads 2013
ISBN 9781781851845

Funny, Fresh And Sharply Plotted Victorian Crime Series Starring A Detective Duo To Rival Holmes And Watson

March Middleton has moved to Gower Street to live with her curmudgeonly guardian, Sidney Grice, Londons most famous personal detective. She is intelligent, witty, and talkative. He things young women should be seen and not heard. But he grudgingly allows her to join his latest murder case: a young woman is dead and her loving husband is the only suspect.

Their investigations lead the pair to the darkest alleys of the East End: every twist leads Sidney Grice to think the husband guilty; but March is convinces that he is innocent. And as the case threatens to foment civil unrest, Sidney Grice finds his reputations is not the only thing in mortal danger...

About the Author: M R C Kasasian

Martin Kasasian was raised in Lancashire. He has had careers as varied as a factory hand, wine waiter, veterinary assistant, fairground worker and dentist. He lives with his wife, in Suffolk in the summer and in a village in Malta in the winter.

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